South America Ignores Europe and Reopens as Virus Peak Nears

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South American countries have begun to lift restrictions on COVID-19 too lightly, even as the region moves toward the peak of the virus, despite a predicament previously beaten by European nations.
South American countries on Monday began reducing restrictions on COVID-19, also causing the virus to pack up in a region that does not contradict a prehistory that European nations had previously been affected by the virus. He was beaten.
Some of Brazil's toughest cities, including the jungle metropolis of Manaus and the coast of Rio de Janeiro, are beginning to allow for more activity. The Bolivian government has allowed the reopening of the case of Nicholas Maduro in many parts of the country in Venezuela. Ecuadorian airports have withdrawn flights and shoppers to several Colombian supermarkets.

Constant measures against Europe renew the worst way for it, and South America is far behind its viral curve. European countries also have similar outbreaks – U.K. And lift sanctions on Russia as soon as possible – only after the initial peaks have been cleared.

Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization's emergency programs, expressed concern about the South American Ascension Treaty, and told reporters on Monday that the region had become "the deepest zone of virus spread" but was still reaching its peak. Not reached

. The number of cases is growing rapidly and the pressure is being put on those systems," he said.

Data from the WHO Pan-American Health Organization show that a large proportion of Brazilians in the region are on a seven-day moving average of new cases, accounting for more than half of all cases.

Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon rainforest, was the first Brazilian metropolis whose health care system collapsed. A few weeks ago, highly intensive care units unable to receive patients died at home and buried the corpses in the Mass Cemetery.

Such attacks continue, but on Monday Amazon's capital began to reduce its dominance with non-major companies. Amazon reported 818 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, totaling more than 40,000. Brazil has more than 500,000 confirmed cases, which is the second largest case in the world, and experts believe the actual charges are too high due to insufficient testing.

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, in the second-most frequent case after Sao Paulo, announced on Monday that it would gradually ease restrictions the next day. It is already the capital of its capital, São João de Marity, where the release of salmon, car mechanics and hotels began.

Renato Mendes Coutinho, an observer at an independent group COVID-19 BR, said, "Brazil will appear in Europe, and the problem is that it has kept a strict quarantine for a month or two and is now reopening." Over 50 Brazilian researchers.

Ecuador was one of the first countries in South America to witness difficult scenes in March and April as people left their corpses behind their doors in Guayaquil. According to flight spokesman Nicolas Romero, the country's airport will continue to fly, but their airport will resume flights on June 3, although he said that incoming passengers will have to spend 15 days in quarantine, not knowing how such The queen will be posted.

Quito airport in the capital took its first flight in 80 days on Monday, 4 June. Fly to Miami and Houston.

"So far it's just a flight, but it's an important message to fly safely," airport spokesman Luis Galaga said.

Colombia closed the international airport in its capital, Bogota, in an entire working-class neighborhood, home to 1.5 million people on the Ecuadorian border in September. But in another part of the country, Medellin, the mall opened its doors on Monday, while checking the temperature of the customers as they entered.

Medellin Mayor Daniel Quinto insisted that no COVID-19 was recorded in the city during the first 30 days. However, the national mortality rate is increasing.

Marcos Espinalis, director of infectious diseases at PAHO, said that reopening the phone could cause damage in some places that are not finished yet.

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Venezuela on Monday allowed San Salunaduc, a beauty salon, car showroom, construction site and bank to start operations in other areas. The country dropped sanctions for reducing COVID-19: 1.510 and a 14-month knowledge date. Again, the suspect criticized the number of sailors.

Bolivia resumed work, trade and public transport as a park on Monday

On Monday, Prime Minister Ivan Erzas suggested that men shave their beards and mustaches to prevent infection. How can Virgilio Prato, director of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, unite the nation?
Across Europe and across Europe, Britain began to reduce the number of victims after death, hospitalizations and infections, and certainly reached a peak with countries at their fingertips. However, some public health experts say the government has responded quickly and its infection may increase further.

Russian officials say the country is now reaching a peak that requires gradual blockade – around 1am on Monday.

Jesuz Gomez-Garden, a professor of physical and computer epidemiology at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, saw South America rushing back into concern after reporting the disappearance of the largest virus in Europe. internally.

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